“Making a family documentary is a memorial to the true essence of the family make-up. This cannot be achieved successfully without revealing the deep feelings that motivate family members and friends to live and function together through good times and bad.  Lori has the skill and intuition to uncover this essence and she does so with tact, imagination and creativity.”

Dr. Jacques F. Roux

“When I met Lori and she told me what Whole Story Productions was all about, I jumped at the chance to create a family video biography immediately.  My mother was turning 100 years old the following year, and with Lori’s expertise, guiding us through the entire process, we gathered a fantastic cast of characters along with my mother to tell her story. The story of my parents meeting, their adventures and their accomplishments, is now preserved to pass down for generations to come.  It is invaluable!”

Shelby M.C. Davis
Founder of the Davis Funds, New York

“Working with Lori and Whole Story Productions was an exciting adventure for our family. Lori’s thoughtful interviews, preparation, genealogy research and skillful coordination of old family photographs, movies, videos and memories gave life to a documentary of my husband’s life and career for his 80th birthday celebration.”

Verena Cushman

“It is so funny, doing something like this makes you think about a lot of things. And you get quite emotional about certain areas. The children have said to me, it’s amazing the discussions we’ve been having. It’s been like some wonderful experience. We’ve all gone to this wonderful place, where everyone has contributed. The result has been exceptional.”

Marg, WSP Client