The Process

The Process

There is an obligation to preserve and tell your family story. Let Whole Story Productions help you succeed!

With aging generations, it is important to capture life stories from our matriarchs and patriarchs before it’s too late. Family video biographies not only give our elders the opportunity to tell their stories, but also give unborn heirs the ability to hear them. This is a wonderful way to protect your legacy and share values, beliefs and blessings with your family and community.

Whole Story Productions combines professionally-produced family interviews with footage of ancestors, business associates and landmark events to create a comprehensive memoir of your family’s history. By incorporating still photographs, archival video, film, music and narration, we will create a well-rounded and entertaining high-definition product to masterfully document and preserve your family legacy.

Why Whole Story Productions?

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It is challenging to tell your own story and most folks don’t have the skills, resources, time or motivation to complete such a large project. While today’s technology makes the process easier, it does require  professional experience, specialized equipment, know-how and time.


When you hire a professional, you ensure that:

  • Your project is completed professionally and in a timely manner
  • Your feelings of helplessness and overwhelm are resolved by our personal and professional leadership
  • Our professional team will guide you step by step along the way
  • You get to tell your story with the assistance of those who know how to put it all together

Here is the process:

Step #1: Meet the Family & Gather Information

The first step is to set up a meeting between you and Whole Story Productions. At this time, we will discuss your family story to identify major topics, landmark events, family businesses and untangle the roots of the family tree. We encourage you to bring as much information as you are able to gather to this meeting. We will prioritize interviews, designate photographs for scanning and old movies for digitizing, and clarify genealogy to fill in gaps in the history.

Step #2: Script & Interviews

This is where we shine! As a former TV journalist and producer, Lori Zalbowitz Roux has the expertise required to write an engaging script, orchestrate powerful interviews and unveil the very essence of your family. We will travel worldwide to conduct family interviews, gather additional footage, all to tell your story the way YOU want it told.

Step #3 Photos, Film, Videos & Music

The production phase requires sifting through old photos, film and video archives to find just the right elements to compliment the story line. Then we add music to create the perfect backdrop for telling your story.

Step #4 The Final Edit

Now that all the elements are in place, we will edit it to create a cohesive presentation.

Step #5 Replication & Packaging

Finally, we design the DVD packaging and replicate them for all of your loved ones.


Each Family Video Biography is a unique project and we work with individual needs and requests to meet your family’s desires.

Call Executive Producer/Owner Lori Zalbowitz Roux at (307) 413-7541 for a free consultation and start creating your family documentary now.